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2 Different Ways

Lynk Lee

Early morning, sunshine is in my room

I welcome and feeling it by my heart

The sweet memories of our love remain

That's why am I only alone

So I hide my tears deep in my sad heart

The worst thing is what i got, It's not good as I thought

Because of you, I lost my love forever

Tears fall down in my heart

I saw the shadow are fading away

I wanna keep your heart but I can't do

I live without your love, without you in my life

Just like a dream, as if you want us seperate way

I'm on the silent road, full of fall leaves

I can not say a word even screaming your name

'Cause my heart still love, want you come back here

But i don't let my lips tell that I miss you 

Hey, I don't know how to have you in my life again

In that night, i hope nothing happened between us

No, I can't imagine

That we don't belong together

So our love like only paper

But i'm sorry about this

Divorcing is the best way for us

Day by day and night by night, i still miss you my baby

When the moon, the sun set and rise, I love you baby


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